Rentals, Demo's and Tours

A Better Rental & Demo Experience!

Unlike the giant "Bike Rental Places'" we are a smaller, traditional, local bike shop. This gives us some important distinctions over the "other guys".

We are passionate about cycling and San Francisco - this is not simply a business for us, but a lifestyle.

We personally attend to all our customers. You tap into our extensive knowledge of San Francisco, and the surrounding area. Instead of trying to navigate a confusing network of sights, trails, streets and activities - we give you instant, ultimate access to the best rides.

We keep a fleet of new, expertly maintained bikes. Competency and technical acumen of our mechanics is world class - in fact, our mechanics are often called upon to work on the pros' bikes during events like the San Francisco Grand Prix and the Tour of California.

We are community oriented - we consistently support local charity rides, the San Francisco Bike Coalition, local schools, and even put on an annual charity bike race benefiting local schools.

We are focussed on cycling - we don't rent skates, scooters, or motorcycles - we focus on what we love - cycling!

Serious Cyclist? We are a demo center for Transition, Yeti, Giant and Niner and have a rotating stock of higher end demo's and rentals - we have legit rides for seasoned riders.

Guide Service & Tours

Remember the last time you rode your favorite trail and finished with a big, ear-to-ear grin, tired and content, yet still yearning for more adventure?  At Big Swingin Cycles we thrive on a passion for cycling and find immense satisfaction helping others to experience that same joy.

Drawing from decades of experience trail riding throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, we offer a wide variety of mountain bike tours for riders of all skill and interest levels. Helping you enjoy the amazing network of trails in Northern California is our dedicated goal. Whether its a leg-burning fitness oriented ride with stunning coastal views, a day-trip to Santa Cruz to get a taste of that infamously tacky redwood soil, or a journey across the Golden Gate Bridge to Marin County, the birthplace of mountain biking, we guarantee you a taste of the Bay Area’s finest trails.

We provide a fleet of expertly maintained, full-suspension demo bikes from Yeti, Transition, Giant & Niner. As part of every tour, we size you to the proper bike, sag in the suspension, and get you set up with a helmet, and any other equipment necessary for a good ride. All tours originate from our full service, shop and include transportation to and from the trails in our clean, comfortable vans. We also offer you the chance to relax and recover post-ride with a meal or refreshment from our favorite local establishments.

We prefer to limit our tours to groups of 1-7 people, to provide a more intimate and tailored day of riding. Using our extensive knowledge of trail networks from all over the Bay Area, we work with you to create your ideal day on the bike. Casual riders will be guided within their comfort level along smooth and flowy trails that will enhance their love of the sport. Intermediate riders will ride trails that offer mixed terrain for a balanced ride of climbing and descending twisting singletrack. Advanced level riders will have the opportunity to challenge their skills as they accompany our guides along fast-paced and technical singletrack. We cater 100% to your skillset and desired ride type, and mixed skill level groups can be easily accommodated.

Whether you’re visiting San Francisco for a few days from far away, or simply new to the area and looking for a safe and fun introduction to the area’s best trails, we are here to help you in any way that we can. For us, the opportunity to get out and ride with interesting new people is one of the finer things in life--give us a call or come by the shop and we’ll get you dialed in for the tour of your choice.

We’re stoked to have the opportunity to share with you our love for mountain biking and the amazing trails Northern California has to offer. Happy trails!

For more information about our mountain bike tours, Click Here to transfer to our Tours website.

Sample Tours

Santa Cruz day trip - let our guides lead you to the best singletrack trails in the area. We'll have you carving banked turns among old growth redwood trees. This trip takes the better part of a day and includes post ride burritos!

Marin County 1/2 day trip - see why Marin is considered by most to be the birth place of mountain biking. Much of Marin's great trails are off limits, but we'll get you on some private singletrack that will make your mouth water.


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