In addition to the many fine products available from Big Swingin', we also offer an array of personal services:

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Service, Repair & Maintenance

Our workshop is the heart of our store. We take a no compromises approach to quality. Every bike we touch is dialed in to exacting standards. Our full-service shop is staffed by trained, expert technicians who participate in industry continuing education programs to stay sharp on the latest technology.

We are one of a handful of shops in Nor Cal with suspension and disc brake technicians on staff - in fact, we have a dedicated workbench for shock and suspension fork service.

We invest in the latest tools and equipment to do the job right: ultrasonic parts cleaners, bearing presses, cutting tools, digital measuring devices, etc. We are a Campagnolo Test 11 and Shimano Di2 demo shop, accordingly, we are adept at working on both the latest road and mountain drivetrains.

Sustain-a-Fit Bike Fitting w/ Video Analysis

You hear it frequently: “fit is critical” for maximum performance and enjoyment of the ride.  We couldn’t agree more. Furthermore, we feel good fit should be accessible to all riders, at an equitable cost.  WIth over 13 years experience fitting all types and levels of riders to their bikes, we have finely tuned our capabilities as bike fitters.  Sustain-a-Fit makes use of our in depth fit knowledge, with the best available technology, tools, and processes to optimize rider positioning.

Sustain-a-Fit Guiding Principles

- Technology in fitting is often used blindly.  Technology is not a substitute for experience.  Qualitative aspects are often more important than quantitative information from devices.

- Fit is not “quantum physics”.  For a majority of cyclists, a smart, sane process will get the rider to the proper fit with a modest amount of effort and time.

- Like most things in life, a pragmatic approach, taking the best practices from different fit philosophies and technologies results in the best fit.

- Fit is dynamic.  It can change with fitness level, age, rider goals, and experience.

- Fit must be Sustainable - if a position can not be comfortably sustained for the duration of the ride, performance will degrade.

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